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Team Human is dedicated to fighting dehumanization. It does this by enabling people around the world to realize their human potential. It is based on the idea that it's already technologically feasible to meet everyone's needs and have a balanced relationship with the environment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a space where people can share their knowledge, art, and ideas without fear of creating value for a for-profit company. One that inevitably tracks their personal relationships, censors their posts, and uses their human connections for advertising. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Countless people work every day at jobs that have no value to human society or even have a destructive effect on people's well-being and their environment. Many of these jobs could be eliminated or automated. These people could be artists or scientists and do things that have value but they are denied their human potential by oppressive power structures. In our current environment even artists and scientists have to enable the power structure by working for them in exchange for money. In this group there is a focus on: | Political Education | Art & Culture | Technical Education | Direct Activism The ultimate goal of the group is to provide for free everything which capitalism currently provides for a cost. An end to wage slavery.