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Image Policy

Original art created by users of team human is highly encouraged! Everyone retains the copyright to their art. You will of course be granting permission for your work to be displayed here on the site.

Fan Art

Fan art is less encouraged. If you are a big fan of something niche we'd rather see that than Star Wars, Marvel, or any other Disney-inspired art.


All re-posted art must be credited to the original artist. If you do not know the original artist you may post it only in the context of asking who the artist is. If the artist is alive and has an online presence please link to their website.


We do not require partial/artistic nudity to be censored. If you post a picture which contains genitalia or nudity in a sexual context please hide it behind a content warning. (Women's nipples are not considered genitalia but please consider that some people may be looking at mastodon at work. If it looks like something a co-worker might consider porn they could get in trouble even though that's dumb.)

Any nude photos featuring people under 18 years old are completely prohibited and illegal. Please be aware that this can even apply to a selfie if you yourself are under 18.


Depictions of graphic violence should be behind a content warning. This includes any realistic depictions of blood/ death/ assault/ mortal fear.

Spam Policy

Please reconsider before posting a single word, sentence, or image. If you can add something else to it we may be able to have more of a conversation. If you post art explain the thought process or tools used, etc. (not required, but nice)

Do not post the same things multiple times. You can re-toot your own toot once per day so that people from other time zones can see it.

It is against the rules to offer a reward for favoriting or re-tooting something.

Please don't post anything that's a viral ad or serves dual-purpose as an ad like a meme created by a fast-food chain.

Art contests are completely banned except for in a non-commercial context.